Genre: drama
Director: Jan Komasa
Script: Mateusz Pacewicz
Cinematography: Piotr Sobociński Jr
Music: Evgueni & Sacha Galperine
Editing: Przemysław Chruścielewski
Set decoration: Marek Zawierucha
Producers: Krzysztof Rak, Leszek Bodzak, Aneta Hickinbotham
Production: Aurum Film
Year of production: 2019
Runtime: 112 min

Cast: Bartosz Bielenia, Aleksandra Konieczna, Eliza Rycembel, Tomasz Zietek, Barbara Kurzaj, Leszek Lichota, Zdzisław Wardejn, Lukasz Simlat, Anna Biernacik, Lidia Bogaczowna, Radoslaw Ciucias, Janusz Mazurkiewicz, Grzegorz Palkowski

Awards and nominations:
2019 International Venice Film Festival: Europe Cinemas Label Award and Inclusion Award
2019 Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia: Award for best director (Jan Komasa), Award for the best script (Mateusz Pacewicz), Award for supporting female role (Eliza Rycembel)
2019 Zbyszek Cybulski Award (Bartosz Bielenia)
2020 `Oscar` Nomination by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the International Feature Film category
2020 `Eagles` Polish Film Awards by Polish Film Academy in the following categories: best film, best director (Jan Komasa), best script (Mateusz Pacewicz), best cinematography (Piotr Sobocinski jr), best editing (Przemysław Chruscielewski), best leading actress (Aleksandra Konieczna), best leading actor (Bartosz Bielenia), best supporting female role (Eliza Rycembel), best supporting actor (Lukasz Simlat), Discovery of the Year (Mateusz Pacewicz), Audience Award

Corpus Christi’ is the story of 20-year-old Daniel, who during his stay in juvie undergoes a spiritual transformation and secretly dreams of becoming a priest. After several years of imprisonment, the boy is released on parole and then directed to work in a carpentry workshop. Instead of going there, Daniel heads to the local church, where he befriends the pastor of the Parish. When in the absence of the clergyman, an unexpected opportunity arises, the boy takes advantage of it. Pretending to be a priest, he begins to perform priestly ministry in the town. His methods of evangelization have aroused controversy among the residents from the outset. Especially in the eyes of the strict church Lidia. Over time, however, the teachings and charisma of the fake priest begin to move people immersed in a tragedy that shook the local community a few months earlier. Meanwhile, Daniel`s former colleague from a juvenile reformatory appears in the town, and the daughter of the churchwarden, Marta, is increasingly beginning to question the spirituality of the young priest. All this means that the boy begins to be on a shaky ground. Torn between the sacred and the profane, the protagonist finds a new and important goal in his life. He decides to implement it, even if his secret would be brought to light ... kadry z filmu
kadry z filmu
kadry z filmu



Małgorzata Szlagowska-Skulska

Project Manager

Anastazja Moshkovska


Roksana Pietruczanis